Black Copper Maran rooster. Hatched on May 18th, 2019.
Substantial with a fierce gaze. His comb has an interesting multipoint spike with 2 tall single point spikes. His leg feathers extend his full leg. He probably would have great feathers if not for wear and tear.
Prince is father to many of the 2020 farm mixed born at OCL. His babies feathered legs were a giveaway.
Roosonality: Just not into people. He is not mean, but fearful due to lack of  handling. In flock, he is a strong leader and likely 2nd in charge behind Boss.

Solid and substantial in profile.
The first telling feature is his comb's interesting multipoint spike.
Full feather down his legs and not sparse despite wear and tear.
Young Prince not long before he was seen with his cheeky black hen on tractor all the time.