Serama x Belgian d'Uccle (Mille Fleur).
Gender Hen. Hatched Nov 19th, 2019.
3rd egg in incubator (2nd from right). Hatched 2nd of 4.

Feb 29th, 2020 - A week over 3 months old. Semi-officially named Newton or Ada Newton.

Looking mighty pullet like.
A tiny single comb that grew in early giving rise to thoughts of being a cockerel.
Tiny little wattles to match.

Jan  16th, 2020 - Almost 2 Months old

Nov 29th - 10 Days old

So far, E3 easily has the best "boots" of the #OPHatch.

Hatch Day

Tiny e3 nearly dry and ready for the brood pool.
Tiny cutie with a tiny eggtooth.
Tiny toes with tiny feathers.
Tiny chipmunk markings
Newly hatched e3 resting and drying off. Born light caramel brown with dark chipmunk markings.

Pippin x Olivia #OPHatchLog
Hatched Nov. 19th, 2019 via incubator. Sired by Pippin, a possible Golden Darkwing Serama Rooster. Biological brood of Olivia, a Mille Fleur Belgian d’Uccle hen. 13 possibly fertile eggs placed in incubator late October, 2019. 5 showed growth initially.Eventually, only 4 eggs remained. Eggs in left…