The happenings for the week of November 15, 2020 - November 21, 2020

This week marked the one year Hatch Day for Ada, Sophie, Mabel and Pocket. So to mark the happy occasion, they got noodles!

They also got themselves a lovely photo session!

FarmerSpence even took some noodles out to Rooville so that Pocket could also partake in the celebration.

Poor Einstein got a noodle stuck on his head.

Meanwhile, Disco decided the way to get used to his new home is to follow Stormy around.

Disco also manages to hold on and look fabulous while the wind blows.

Over at the ducks, they got themselves some more visitors.

And Jesse got herself a new friend. Chat named her Belle.

She got comfy pretty quick.

Back at Chickens, some hens thought it was a nice day and had a roof party.

While Citrine decided to keep on practicing her jumping.

And Mozart and a hen practiced their staring. We're not exactly sure who won.

Puddles gets very upset when she see's other gals getting her treats. The nerve of them!

She got even with them. She figure out the exact spot to stand to grab the blaster treats.

That about wraps up this week. Hopefully it was a good one for you. Until next week, we'll see you in chat!